Welcome The Drawings by Charles Fozard

The Work of Charles FOZARD Born1919- Died1943

Sketches by Charles FOZARD 1919-1943 Leeds Yorkshire
Son of Arthur Fozard & Hetty Endicott
Brother of Richard Fozard RA
You will see All the sketches were done in the 1930s in an old day dairy from 1927
And when Charles died His Brother Richard kept it with Him where ever He went
So by the Time Richard passed it to Me in 2000
it was slightly in a dishevelled state
But as the work was so good I did not want it To be lost
so I scanned in all the pages and Have tried to clean them up a bit
The First one I have left so you can See what they were like
Charles was suffering from a wasting disease and by age 11 He was in a wheel chair
But He loved to read and to sketch and Richard
used to push Him out around Leeds in Yorkshire in the 1930s
and together they used to sketch and Had a lot of Fun
making Xmas & Birthday Cards for the Family
just before Charles died He could move only His Hands and He Kept drawing as Long as He could

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